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About Antique Clock Gallery

At the age of 10, Jose (Rubel) would sit down next to his father and observe him disassemble small watches. He had a passion for fixing watches and clocks because it has  been in his family for over 3 generations. At a very young age he began to appreciate the art of repairing watches. Doing his time, repairing watches over that decade, he acquired the skills that were needed. . Jose (Rubel) developed a very dexterous touch bringing fine watches back to life.

“It was in 1984, a guy named Bob Davidson who gave me 
the opportunity to work in clocks.  I never fixed clocks but I noticed 
the functionality was similar to watches yet much easier”. -Jose 

Rubel began working at the Antique Clock Gallery in 1984—a business that was established in 1961 by Bob Davidson originally on East 4th Street in Long Beach. Bob Davidson was like a father figure to Rubel and trained him for years. In the back of the shop, there were many work stations. One person took care of the cuckoo clocks, another one would work on Atmos clocks, one on Grandfather clocks, and so on so forth. He learned from every individual in the shop and was able to fix nearly everything. He learned how to fix all sorts of clocks ranging from: small intricate watches to wall clocks, mantel clocks, Grandfather clocks, wall clocks, electric clocks and much more.

In 2005, he became the 3rd generation owner of the Antique Clock Gallery. We are now located next to Bixby Knolls in Long Beach and have been in this location for nearly 12 years now. Aside from selling and repairing clocks, we can make clock parts that are no longer available!

We have worked for many clock and watch collectors who were former Clock Club members, and many other prominent individuals. We continue to provide incomparable repair solutions and additional house services for nearly 60 years and will continue performing the way we do. Visit us today
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